ADS Extra oralSuction Suction System EO5


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ADS Extra oralSuction Suction  System EO5

  • Voltage: AC 11oV / 60 Hz

  • Power: 1000W

  • Maximum Suction Power: 10Kpn (10 Level Adjustment)

  • Traftic : 2500L/Min

  • Filtration System: HEPAS Filtration

  • Noise Decibel: 58dB ( Tested under Laboratory Environment)

  • Net Weight: 94.2 Lbs

  • Gross Weight: 98.6 Lbs

  • Host Package Size: 14.6*14.2*39.4 Inch

  • Suction Arm Package Size: 27.2*10.2* 9 Inch

Medical Grade Filtration System
  • HEPA Filtration System: 3 Layers HEPA Filtration System, Stopping virus and germs >0.3nm with 99.995 % Efficiency.

  • Precise Water Vapour Filtration: Ensure dry water in the inner equipment and suction outlet.

  • Medical Grade UV Light Disinfectant System: Killing all the virus and germs in the filter.

Digitized and Intelligent Technology

Filter Life Reminder: Display the rest life and expiration replacement reminder of the filter Intelligent .

Precise Control System: 10 level of suction power adjustment, digitized display screen

Dual use per equipment : 1-3 Level is the mode of air purification 4-10 level is the mode of droplets & Aerosols remove.

Ultrastrong Suction Power
Ultrastrong Iron Heart: Wisely select the motor from reliable brand, which includes the various advantage such as negative voltage, high volume, minimal noise, long-life use, as well as the suction power is the tenfold of the central negative voltage.
Excellent Aerodynamics Design

Rear-Mounted Exhaust Design: raised dust avoiddance, effective suction assurance patient comfort guarantee, minimal noise, and the air -tight - ness  of independent R & D will prevent dirty air from leaking.

 ADS Extra oralSuction Suction System EO5

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