ADS Surgical Dental Chair


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ADS Surgical Chair 


Weight: 276 lbs (125 Kg)

Max Patient Load: 298 Lbs (135 KG)

Electrical Requirements: AC 110~240 V - 50/60 Hz

Environmental Requirements: +10C~ +40C

Humidity: 30% ~ 75%

Atomospherical: 10.2psi ~ 15.4psi (70Kpa ~ 106Kpa)

Surgical chair provides dentists with uncompromising quality and perfect support during complicated treatments benefits from an optimum ergonomic posture at all times as well as a cofortable lying position for patients, which seems that improved working spaces increased their enjoyment or dentistry.

Perfect Surgical Comfort

You can adjust the patient position intraoperatively from an upper to a lower jaw position, with maximum patient comfort. This way, you can position the operating table individually and set the correct anatomical posture quickly, which is especially handy for repetitive surgeries, With well-organised processes before during and after surgery you save time and money.

Sultable for vulnerable groups

Providing one of the operating table with the lowest Possible seating Positions on the market, Surgical Chair is easy for elderly patients,Children and patients with restrictions of movement to get on the table the dual telescopic column enables the surgeon to operate at optimal stability while standing or sitting.

Multiple colors to be selected

Customized color in your dental chairs to take a cue from the colors you personally like. We collaborate with our dealers to create innovative and customized color ranges in product line are supported by key color massaging Now you can select the one between Black or blue.

Premium quality at an affordable prices

The surgical chair is the firtst choice it you do not need longitudinal axis tilting wisely select hight-quality materials, ADS provides an economical solution that is premium quality at an affordable price.

Maximum leg room

With the surgical chair, you benef it from maximum leg room as well. Assume a relaxed posture for a working experience that is easy on the back even during complicated or lengthy surgeries.

Hand Control

  • Intuitive Operation
  • Easy Handling

Foot Control

  • Hands-free during work
  • Contamination -free work
  • Carrying handle to position the foot switch with the foot.

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