Hill-Rom Affinity IV Birthing Hospital Bed


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Hill-Rom Affinity IV Birthing Hospital Bed Refurbished

Note: Hospital bed wand/remote not included nor is required for operation.

The Affinity IV is designed for caregivers to respond and adjust quickly and efficiently to patient delivery needs even in emergency situations. Even when it is far away from an outlet, the battery backup feature will ensure that all of the bed's features may be used. In labor and delivery, every second counts, which is why it is important to have such a versatile and responsive Birthing Bed system.

Hill-Rom Affinity IV Birthing Hospital Bed

  • Battery backup.
  • EasyGlide calf support - swings into correct position and locks with single lever.
  • No-lift stow-and-go foot section may be stored under the bed and easily slides back without interfering with linens and without false latching.
  • Zero transfer gap is achieved with the OneStep siderail release.
  • Easy-to-use, gas-assisted Trend mechanism allows head elevation to immediately lower to 8°.
  • Four dual-lock casters keep the bed safely in place.
  • Automatic pelvic tilt to provide better access to patient for birth.
  • Automatic night light.
  • Automatic seat tilt.
  • Blow-molded headboard.
  • Fluid basin.
  • Central brake and steering.
  • Instant CPR release.
  • Lockout control/indicator.
  • Labor grips.
  • IV pole.
  • Foot supports.
  • Full Bed Length: 90" (229 cm).
  • Bed Width:
    • Side Rails Up: 39" (99 cm).
    • Side Rails Down: 36" (91 cm).
  • Bed Height:
    • Low: 23" (58 cm).
    • High: 39" (99 cm).
    • Maximum in Trend-Like Position: 40" (102 cm).
  • Mattress Length: 78" (198 cm).
  • Mattress Width: 35" (89 cm).
  • Head Elevation: 63° (Maximum).
  • Seat Elevation: 15° (Maximum).
  • Trend-Like Positioning: 8° (Maximum).
  • Caster Size: 6" (15 cm).
  • Bed Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg).
  • Foot Section Capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg).
  • Bed Weight: 481 lbs (218 kg).


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