PHS Chiropractic Max Metal Drop Table Z2051


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PHS Chiropractic Max Metal Drop Table Z2051

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Our Max Metal Drop Table with its classic design offers an affordable way for you to start your practice. Fully upgradeable, choose from cervical, thoracic or lumbo-pelvic drops, headpieces and other options.

Standard Features: 

  • Table Dimensions: 21.5"W x 71.5"L
  • Height Ranges: 18-19", 20-21", 22-23" or 24-26"
  • Stationary face cushion
  • Extension/Flexion headpiece
  • Paper roll holder and cutter
  • 8" Ankle extension
  • 22" Wide comfort cushions
  • Black base

Table Options

Headpiece Options:

  • Z2052 - Tilt, Cervical Drop with Stationary Face Cushions
  • Z2085 - Tilt, Forward Drop, Elevation with Stationary Face Cushions
  • Z2082 - Tilt, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Elevation with Adjustable Face Cushions (ErgoStyle Version)

Drop Options:

  • Z2087 - Pelvic/Lumbar Drop
  • Z2086 - Thoracic Drop

Miscellaneous Options:

  • Z2053 - Chest Prop
  • Z2076 - Knee Break
  • Z2075 - Pelvic Drop Prop
  • Z2081 - Locking Ankle Elevation Option
  • Z2054 - Right Side Tension on Lumbar and Thoracic Drop



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